Mary Therese Rose Fund

The Mary Therese Rose Fund allows children to "reclaim the joys of childhood". There are many children with disabilities that require certain needs to be able to make life even more of a pleasure. The fund pays for such expenses that insurance does not cover. This includes hearing aids, walkers, wheel chairs, braces, and even therapeutic activities such as therapeutic horseback riding. Just as Mary was able to enjoy her life to the fullest and have a memorable childhood despite her limitations, the fund's mission is to assist in enabling special needs children to reach this goal.

The Mary Therese Rose Fund assists children from the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey. It is with great pleasure that such children could cherish their valuable childhoods and be able to flourish in development.

The Crilly family

Gina, Alycia, Jack, Lisa, Matty, and Mary picking out a Christmas tree for her last Christmas.
Alycia and Mary

Mary, at the age of four, in October of 2002 apple picking with her family.

Gina and Mary

Mary, at the age of four, is at a Raffi Concert in October of 2002. The Make a Wish Foundation granted Mary's wish by making it possible for her to meet her favorite musical artist.

Matty and Mary

Mary is at Lake George, NY with her brother Matty enjoying her annual vacation.
Mary Therese Rose Crilly
Mary is outside by the pool enjoying her summer.